Darius Garland and young NBA players are so soft

No matter how you feel about Lebron, he was durable and played through injuries. Kobe Bryant(R.I.P.) was always hurt throughout his career.

Darius Garland is having an all star season, the Cavs are making a push for the playoffs and his back is hurting? Really??

This is his second NBA season!!

Can we start complaining about back problems in year 6 or 7? This young dude should be playing every game. We just got Levert and he's hurt. Cavs are losing games we should win.

This is a crucial final stretch and hopefully the Cavs don't turn a promising season into a fight for the 8th spot in the playoffs.

I was against a Lebron return but if Bronny is durable like his Dad, then come on home Lebron!

Sexton has been durable most of his career. I hope this injury doesn't make him injury prone. Sadly, the Cavs have been losing to the Pistons and more. These are games we would win if we had durable young players.

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