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Cup of Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers News and Links for Saturday, March 12

Let’s talk about shooting and finding talent on the cheap.

San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Happy Saturday, everyone! Note that we’ll have our normal game coverage later on, but it may be a tad delayed as far as a recap goes as I’ll be coming back from Columbus attending the Crew’s against Toronto.

Anyway, pour your own cup of coffee (or tea) and let’s get into today’s Cup of Cavs.

The first sip

There was some reporting via Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer that Heat wing Duncan Robinson might be available and was discussed in trades at the this year’s deadline.

I like Robinson’s game. He’s got a cool story. His numbers (counting and advanced) are a bit down this year, but he’s still a big wing who is solid enough on defense, moves well and can shoot at a high level. There’s a reason he got $90 million from the Heat last summer.

The Cavs also should be in the market for a player like this. They desperately needing shooting off of their Darius Garland/Evan Mobley/Jarrett Allen core and need another wing. Robinson is not the easiest player to find fake trades for — Lauri Markannen could be used, but why would the Heat do that if they are star hunting? — but his archetype is one the Cavs need. This is the kind of player they should be looking for on the bargain bin and developing.

That, of course, is how the Heat got Robinson — he was undrafted and a G League player before breaking out in the NBA — a few years ago. It’s something to watch on the edges, but matters as the Cavs will try to maximize their chances of winning over the next several years.

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Links of the day

It’s kind of fun to not have to worry about mock drafts too much this year

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Alex Caruso might be back as early as today for the Bulls

Jamal Murray is 50/50 to play this season coming off of an ACL injury