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Cleveland Cavaliers at Brooklyn Nets gamethread

The Cavs have a massive game in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Nets v New York Knicks Photo by Michelle Farsi/Getty Images

This is the kind of game the Cleveland Cavaliers haven’t played in a few seasons.

It’s April. This game has stakes as the Cavs look to secure the best playoff positioning possible. They are on the road, playing a Brooklyn Nets team led by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving,

Normally, by this point in the year, Cleveland is in draft mode. The team is just trying to finish out the year with nothing to play for. This is the opposite of that.

Oh, and Evan Mobley is back after missing five games with an ankle sprain. The Cavs went 1-4 without their star rookie. It’s unclear what he’ll look like exactly, but it has to help to give him back.

This is fun. This is basketball back with stakes, basketball that matters for the Cavaliers. Regardless of the result, it’s fun to be back here.