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Cup of Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers news and links for May 11, 2022

Darius Garland leads the team in “Gets Us.”

Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/NBAE via Getty Images

Good morning Cavs fans.

The first sip

We as Cleveland fans are an insecure bunch and understandably so. That makes whatever praise we get about the city mean something to us. Knowing that, Cleveland athletes often go out of their way to say nice things about our city even if they don’t really mean it.

Darius Garland continues to lead the pack in going out of his way to say nice things about the city. So much so, that maybe we should believe that he actually loves the city.

Here’s what he had to say about the city in a recent interview with GQ:

[Garland] I’m there for Cleveland. I love the city of Cleveland, I love the people and organization, so it’s cool just being there.

[Interviewer] I’ve never heard anyone say that they “love” Cleveland.

[Garland] It’s a lot of food spots that’s pretty good. The summers here are crazy: get on a boat and go on the lake. It’s just…culture. It’s a big melting pot. Everyone gets along with everyone. A lot of people say it’s gloomy here all the time, but it’s gloomy in New York, too, right now.

It’s rare to find someone who buys completely into the culture of the team and the small market city. It’s even harder to find someone who does and has the potential to become a superstar. The Cavs may have find that guy in Darius Garland.

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