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Cup of Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers News and Links for Friday September 23

12 days until the Cavs first preseason game.

Utah Jazz v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Congratulations to everyone for making it to Friday.

The first sip

The Detroit Pistons trading for Bojan Bogdanović feels eerily similar to the Cavs trade for Ricky Rubio last off-season. It’s far from an all-in move, but it signals that the Pistons are going to be trying to win games. We’ll see if the move helps much in the win column.

By my count that only leaves two teams — the Orlando Magic and Indiana Pacers — who will not be actively trying to win as many games as possible this upcoming season. Teams like the Charlotte Hornets, Washington Wizards along with the Pistons might fall out of the play-in tournament mix before the All-Star break, but will still prove to be difficult opponents on a nightly basis.

The depth at the bottom of the conference might be just as impressive at the depth at the top for now. We’ll see if any of those middle/bottom tier teams pull the plug early considering the talent at the top of next year’s draft class.

As of now, it’s setting up to be a fun 82 game race in the East.

The second sip

Donovan Mitchell is running the “gets us” playbook perfectly. He took that to the next level last night with his appearance at the Cleveland Browns game.

Honestly not sure if I really get the breaking the guitar thing, but whatever.

Mitchell looks happy to be here and continues to do and say all the right things which has been fun to see. Hopefully this team can keep the good vibes going as long as possible.

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