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Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day 2022 Open Thread

Cavs basketball is getting close to back.

Cleveland Cavaliers Introduce Donovan Mitchell Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

It’s the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 2022 Media Day, aka the pre-bread dinner before the appetizer (preseason) and the main course (the regular season). It’s really good and delicious, but you don’t want to get too full on it or base your opinion on the whole meal based on the bread.

Bad analogies aside, here’s the Fear the Sword coverage plan for the day:

  • Myself (Chris Manning) and Evan Dammarell will be on-site at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse for the duration of the day. The event itself kicks off around noon EST. It’s unclear what the order will be for players and coaches. I’ll be live tweeting @cwmwrites and Evan will be at @AmNotEvan.
  • Other media people in attendance worth a follow if you aren’t already: Chris Fedor, Kelsey Russo, Spencer Davies, Greg Swartz. Lots of others too I am sure I’m forgetting, including team accounts and such. A special shoutout to FTS alums Carter Rodriguez and Justin Rowan over at The Chase Down.
  • As stuff merits a full post — I’d suspect that’ll be comments from Darius Garland, Evan Mobley, Donovan Mitchell and the newly extended Dean Wade. among others — we’ll post them as quick as we can post their availability. As the day goes on, we’ll fill in what we missed and Jackson Flickinger will come at different points to fill in some of the gaps.
  • Season preview posts (and Vol. 3 of Jackson’s look back at the 2021-22 season) will be paused until Tuesday where those two and two previews will go up.
  • I’ll hop in during the comments below and chat throughout the day. We’ll be around, as we’ve been trying to be more so in the last week. I know us not posting as much has been an annoyance to many of you. but we are really trying to get this year going on the right note. Hope you’ll join us.

Questions, concerns, recipes: drop those below too. Have fun today, but don’t fill up on it.