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Cleveland Cavaliers guard Ricky Rubio isn’t sure when he’ll return from last season’s ACL tear

The veteran guard spoke at Cavs media day and sounded eager to return.

Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

At Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day on Monday, Cavs guard Ricky Rubio sounded eager to return from the ACL tear that ended last season prematurely. But Rubio also said that it’s unclear when he’ll be able to play this season.

“I wanted to be ready for training camp but I knew it was impossible,” Rubio said. “Talking with my trainers and medical staff, they say 10-12 months but it’s a long range. It changes every week. At the end of the day, putting a date on it, for me personally, I need it. But I think it’s not good to put a date when I’m going to be back.”

“We have a plan to come back stronger and I’m reaching there. I feel I had the best summer I ever felt in my career,” he said, noting that he is doing 1 vs. 0 work at the moment and is still working towards practicing with the full team. “I wish I knew. Hopefully December, but who knows? At the end of the day, I may be playing in late November or I may be playing in January or February. Don’t want to put a date. But one thing for sure when I’m back I will be 120 percent.”

Rubio tore his ACL on Dec. 27 in New Orleans, ending his season and marking his second ACL tear in his left knee. He was then traded to the Indiana Pacers in the deal that bought Caris LeVert to Cleveland. Over the summer, Rubio re-signed with the Cavs on a three-year deal. With LeVert wearing the No. 3 jersey he wore last year, Rubio is wearing No. 13 this season.

“I felt comfortable here. I knew the people. Knew what we were going to be. I felt like it was unfinished business,” Rubio said about returning. “We could have had a lot of success last year and didn’t want to miss a chance to really keep building what we built last year.”