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Cleveland Cavaliers exploring wing options, but price could limit options on the trade market

Will the Cavs make a meaningful move before the trade deadline?

Phoenix Suns v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Lauren Bacho/NBAE via Getty Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ could use help on the wing — that is abundantly clear. But finding an option on the trade market might end up being out of their price range.

From a report from Yahoo!’s Jake Fischer, the cost for a possible wing option may be a “far higher price” than the Cavs are willing to pay: Said price: Caris LeVert, another rotation piece and likely whatever second-round picks the Cavs could give up.

There is, however, no clear answer for this thought experiment. The Cavs’ expunged virtually all their draft capital of this decade to acquire Mitchell and LeVert, and won’t be able to move their 2024 first-rounder until the night of next year’s NBA draft. If Cleveland pinpointed a specific veteran on a significant salary, such as Houston’s Eric Gordon, the Cavs would need to either send LeVert and another rotational player out the door — a far higher price, sources told Yahoo Sports, than Cleveland officials have the appetite for. To be clear: Gordon is not a trade target.

Two players Fischer mentions: Phoenix’s Jae Crowder and Detroit Bojan Bogdanovic. The former haven’t been linked to, per Fischer. As for Bogdanovic, the Cavs have inquired with the Pistons. But they might not be able to meet the price Pistons want: a first-round pick (which Cleveland can’t trade until draft night) and a young player with upside or more draft capital.

There’s also the question of LeVert and his $18 million expiring salary. They, per Fischer, “value his high-character presence in the locker room” and, while appear open to trading him, it’s likely to net a lower return than they gave up for him at last year’s trade deadline. Also notable, per Fischer: The Cavs and LeVert never had “true” contract extension talks over the summer.