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Cleveland Cavaliers Daily Links for Oct. 27: The strength of Donovan Mitchell

Watch Donovan Mitchell work and how he attacks defenders.

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Cleveland Cavaliers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

The first sip

One of my favorite things about how Donovan Mitchell plays basketball is how powerful he is. Take a look at his game winner from opening night:

When Cam Johnson comes up to meet him, it doesn’t deter Mitchell at all. He takes a hard dribble and a hard step as he sets up the three-pointer he inevitably takes and makes. It’s so forceful that Johnson seemingly thinks he can sell the contact and draw an offensive foul on Mitchell.

This is what makes Mitchell so great. He’s not the biggest lead scorer, but he’s got so much strength and explosiveness to work with that it allows him attack like he’s bigger, particularly when he’s on the move or catches a pass to set him up like he does here.

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Links of the day

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