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Cleveland Cavaliers at Sacramento Kings gamethread

It’s a big one late night.

Sacramento Kings v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Think back to last season for a second.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, early in the season, went on a long West Coast road trip. On that trip, they lost to the Sacramento Kings when some late game execution cost them. At the time, it wasn’t really know that the Kings were as good as we know them to be now. It felt like a bad loss in the moment.

Now this year, the Kigns are getting De’Aaron Fox back from injury for this game. Aside from a win last week against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Sacramento has really struggled without Fox — so getting him back raises the stakes.

So unlike last year, this is a game to watch. This is a game that should be expected to be tough. This Kings team, with Fox and coached by Mike Brown, is legit. Keegan Murray is a menace too — keep your eyes on him during this one.