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NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls reportedly ‘pitched’ the Cleveland Cavaliers on a Darius Garland-Zach LaVine trade

Welcome to trade season.

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA trade market is likely to kick off soon now that players who signed deals this summer are eligible to be traded. And that means it’s time to learn about some silly trade offers.

Per Yahoo’s Jake Fischer, the Chicago Bulls made a call about Darius Garland as they try to flip Zach LaVine. From Fischer’s report; the Garland section is in bold:

The slow-developing market shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise after the Bulls began to gauge LaVine’s trade value during the offseason, and yet LaVine entered the year once again as the focal point of Chicago’s roster. Even still, the Bulls’ order of operations, by all accounts, continues to prioritize moving LaVine first. That would leave a significant sample size of games to evaluate Chicago’s updated roster before making further decisions on the trade status of other veterans such as DeMar DeRozan and Alex Caruso. The Bulls are still searching for the type of haul that a multi-time All-Star typically draws, which LaVine certainly is based on résumé: an established starter, plus a young player with upside and then first-round draft capital, according to league sources. Chicago has also attempted swapping LaVine for other All-Star players, such as pitching Cleveland on the concept of acquiring Darius Garland from the Cavaliers, sources said.

There is not a world where Cleveland should flip Garland for LaVine. It’s not that LaVine isn’t good — he’s a All-Star-ish level player with some flaws and health issues — but Garland is already better than LaVine, is younger and just started his extension. The Bulls asking makes sense — why not aim high? — but this should be a no-go for Cleveland. It’s unclear what the offer even looked like, or if there even was a formal offer from the Bulls. It would have to be the Bulls adding in more assets vs. the other way around.

But anything involving Garland and LaVine just does not make sense for the Cavs. Welcome to silly season.