Unpopular opinion: The Cavs NEED TO TRADE SPIDA this offseason

Donovan Mitchell is an unbelievable NBA player, but this is a cut-throat business. IMHO, the Cavs and Koby would be insane not trade him this offseason.

1. He's got 2 years left on his deal (not counting the player option), so he still should have peak value on the trade market... Next year, when he is more or less an expiring contract, that trade value decreases significantly.

2. Everyone knows he wants to go home to NY... And pretending like he will stay in CLE long term would be hilarious, if it wasn't so sad.

3. The Cavs are not winning the ship in the next 2 years (Mobley just isn't ready yet), and losing Spida for nothing in 2 years would be absolutely devastating. It would tank our franchise for a decade or more (we gave up the house for him, especially considering all of the future unprotected picks involved).

4. This year was a success in getting Garland and Mobley playoff experience, but it's time to officially turn the franchise over... Spida was unbelievable this year (2nd team all-NBA, probably should've been 1st), but having a player of that caliber is stunting Garland and Mobley's growth as go-to playmakers.

Possible trade partners:

Brooklyn for Mikal Bridges plus some picks. Fit seems fairly obvious.

Portland for Anfernee Simons, Shaedon Sharpe, and their lottery pick (assuming it's not #1 - nobody would trade Wemby). Portland needs to go all-in for Dame and the Cavs should try to take advantage by scooping up their young studs and a top8 pick this year.

Another great target would be Keldon Johnson from the Spurs (Spida doesn't make sense in SA, but they could help facilitate a 3 team deal by giving up Keldon and taking on unwanted salary in exchange for picks (for example, Mikal and Keldon to Cavs, Spida to Nets, Ben Simmons and all 4 Suns picks to the Spurs)

The 3-team possibilites are endless and giving up a player of Spida's caliber should allow the Cavs to pick and choose exactly who they want (players that fit better around DG and Mobley).

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