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Cup of Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers news and links for Tuesday, June 20

NBA Draft nonsense seems to be in full effect.

2022 NBA All-Star - Clorox NBA Rising Stars - Marketing Shot List Photo by Emilee Chinn/NBAE via Getty Images

With the Bradley Beal to Phoenix trade, the NBA offseason feels like it’s officially on. All the chatter out there is suggesting an active, weird NBA offseason. That starts with this week’s NBA Draft.

The first sip

I am not a draft guru by any means. I rely heavily on SB Nation’s own Ricky O’Donnell, Jonathan Givony, Rafael Barlowe and others to tell me what I need to know about different prospects and where they might get picked.

That said: I do not get a world where the Hornets take Brandon Miller over Scoot Henderson at No. 2 overall. I get that Miller is a wing and projects a big NBA scorer in a league that often demands those. But everything we know about Henderson — the athletic profile, the work ethic, the long wingspan for a 6’2” frame — feels like a better bet than Miller. Henderson feels like someone who is going to be about it in the right ways and pairing that with his skill and upside screams No. 2 pick to me. There is not as much out there that paints Miller in a similar light.

I’m surely missing something. But I’d take Henderson over Miller if I’m Charlotte, even if LaMelo Ball is also on the roster.

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