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SB Nation Reacts: Why the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t need a trade

Fans don’t see a need to need to trade Isaac Okoro or Caris LeVert.

Sacramento Kings v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The NBA trade deadline is here. And, if fan response is worth anything, the Cleveland Cavaliers do not need to make a move.

First up, we asked if Caris LeVert should be traded at the NBA trade deadline. At around $15 million, he’s one of the only $10 million-plus salaries the Cavs have and arguably the most tradeable one. But only 14% of Cavs fans think he should be dealt.

That feels right. He’s the team’s de facto backup point guard with Ricky Rubio’s buyout and Craig Porter Jr. not seeing the floor. Without him, they would need to change the way they function. And with the Cavs having won 15 of their last 16 games, why change anything?

Fewer Cavs fans — just 10% — think the team should trade Isaac Okoro. There has been some speculation that he could be on the move at least partly for financial reasons. But that’s a summer problem for Cleveland. He’s playing like a playoff-caliber, two-way NBA wing right now. Trading him would be punting on this season in a way and there’s no reason to do it.

Overall, only 18% of Cavs fans think they need to make a trade at all. Cleveland’s ability to make a trade is somewhat tied to a lack of assets (they can’t even trade a first until draft night) and, at least right now, a 10-man rotation that is winning lots of games and pushing the Cavs up toward the top of the Eastern Conference standings.

Are there spots where the Cavs would benefit from an upgrade? Absolutely. Would even a trade on the edges — maybe Damian Jones or Ty Jerome and a second round pick or two for a functional body — be a smart deal? Sure. But are they necessary? Based on the team’s recent success, they don’t feel like moves the Cavs have to make.

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