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How the Lillard trade impacts the Cavs

Dame is on his way to Milwaukee. What does this mean for Cleveland?

The 10 best Cavs games for the 2023-24 season

The schedule is out so it’s time to circle the best matchups this season.

The Cavs, and their fans, need to be patient with Emoni Bates

Patience is a virtue for Cavs fans with Emoni Bates

Emoni Bates is trending upward

Bates impressed during Summer League but this is only the first step of his journey.

Takeaways from the Cavaliers Summer League Championship win over Houston

Isaiah Mobley’s 28 points help deliver the Summer League title.

Takeaways from the Cavs 102-99 win over Brooklyn

Isaiah Mobley’s game winner secures a spot in the Summer League championship game.

Takeaways from Craig Porter’s 22 points in Cleveland’s win over Bulls

The Cavs punch their ticket to the semi-finals thanks to 22 points from Craig Porter

Caris LeVert Season Review: Neither the problem, nor the solution, on the wing

LeVert isn’t a perfect fit, but he’s shown to be one of the few who can be useful regardless of the situation.

Season review: Okoro’s offensive issues extend beyond his shooting

Okoro took strides as a shooter, but still has holes in his game on both ends.

Ricky Rubio Season Review: A disappointing return to action

After recovering from a torn ACL, Ricky Rubio looked like he needed more time.

Mobley season review: A star in progress

Mobley’s flashes are bright but there is still work to do.

Mitchell Season Review: Best campaign of career, but still an incomplete player

Mitchell had one of the best seasons in franchise history, but still has room to improve.

Garland season review: Not an All-Star by name, but at the level of one

Despite a playoff flameout, Darius Garland was still quite good this season.

Making sense of Jarrett Allen’s future with the Cavs

Allen is still integral to this Cavaliers team.

What we learned about the Cleveland Cavaliers in first round loss to New York Knicks

The lights were indeed too bright.

Donovan Mitchell might be struggling, but so are the rest of the Cavaliers

No one is doing what they need to for Cleveland.

Knicks are having their cake and eating it too

By trying to take away everything, the Cavs are taking away nothing.

How the Cavs lost their offensive identity in Game 3

Overreliance on guard screens after a rough first quarter left the offense unrecognizable.

Takeaways from the Cavaliers’ 99-79 Game 3 loss to the Knicks

Bad, bad bad.

Why Darius Garland’s aggressiveness is key

Garland’s big Game 2 should set the stage for the rest of the series.

How the Cleveland defense dominated Game 2

Knicks not named Jalen Brunson weren’t able to help alleviate the Cavs’ on ball pressure.

Mitchell’s unselfishness opened up the Cavs’ offense in Game 2

Mitchell beat the Knicks defense with his passing.

Takeaways from the Cleveland Cavaliers 107-90 Game 2 win over the New York Knicks

Darius Garland exploded for 32 points to lead the Cavs to a Game 2 victory

Cleveland Cavaliers rebounding issues start with their guards

Josh Hart caused havoc on the offensive glass as the New York Knicks grabbed 17 offensive rebounds in Game 1.

Osman deserves a spot in the rotation

Osman’s performance in Game 1 helped reignite the offense in a near comeback victory.

Donovan Mitchell is key to countering New York Knicks trapping Darius Garland

Poor offensive execution have Cavs down after Game 1.

A deep dive into the Cleveland Cavaliers’ playoff rotation

The Cavs have some tough lineup decisions to make.

What to watch for in Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New York Knicks Game 1

Playoff basketball returns to Cleveland for the first time since 2018.

7 things to know about the Cavs-Knicks series

Thoughts on Isaac Okoro’s impact, offensive rebounding and more.

Darius Garland could be the deciding factor in the first round

Garland might be the most important Cavalier in their first round series.

Danny Green’s resurgence might have come too late

Green is exactly what the Cavs need, but he might have missed his window to show that.

What we learned about the Cavs: April 3 - 9

The rotations remain unsolved going into the postseason.


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