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Cavs fan. Noted sandwich aficiniado. Nicolas Cage apologist. Writer/Podcaster for Fear the Sword. Contributor for CavsZine

Poems for the departed

The Cavaliers have said goodbye to several dear friends this summer. Let's remember them with poems.

The True Story about Baron Davis' Alien Abduction

Former Cavaliers point guard Baron Davis has recently told reporters he believes he was abducted by aliens. While Davis' memory of the event is hazy, this is one possible way it went down.

Au Revoir Omri: A Reflection in Haiku

Omri Casspi is gone. A poem to honor his departure from the Cavaliers.

NBA Draft 2013: How we got here

The 2012-13 Cleveland Cavaliers were a disaster. Before we get all excited for the draft tonight, let's take a look back at the season that was.

Mocking the draft: How awesome is your name?

You want a mock draft? I'll give you a mock draft.

Goodbye, Byron: A Poem

Byron Scott spent three tough seasons with the Cavaliers. Today, we honor him with a goodbye poem.

An honest critique of Byron Scott

Is Byron Scott awesome? Is Byron Scott the worst coach ever? It's probably somewhere in the middle, let's try to be honest about it.

What the heck happens at halftime?

It's been a disturbing pattern since even the LeBron James era, something happens during halftime that causes the Cavaliers to come out incredibly tepid in the third quarter. Today, we examine the possible reasons why.

Isn't everybody an all star at something?

Not everybody can be an NBA All Star. But everybody is an all star at something, right?

Old Tristan is Dead, Long Live the New Tristan

A poem honoring the arrival of the new Tristan Thompson. And saying farewell to the terrible one.