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Final Score: Cavs beat Jazz handily, 113 - 102

The Cavs outwitted the Utah Jazz due to their superior understanding of chord structure and time signatures.

Final score: Cavs trump Magic, 109-100

The Magic punked everything up while the Cavs deployed an magic-resistant shield.

Final score: Heat top Cavs, 95-84

The heat was on as the Cavs cliche'd their way to a loss against the Miami Heat.

Dion Waiters likely out for tonight's game

Dion Waiters is sick and probably won't play on Friday night.

Final score: Cavs Kyrie'd the 76ers 127-125

In one of the most confusing, perplexing, maddening games of forever, the Cavs somehow pulled out a victory thanks to a last-second Kyrie layup. As to be expected.

Cavs vs. 76ers: Bynum returns to Philly

Andrew Bynum and company look to right the ship against the surprisingly not terrible 76ers after a stinging defeat at the hands of the Bucks.

Final score: Cavs fall 109-104 to Bucks

The Cleveland Cavaliers tried to get their first road win of the season against the Bucks, but came up just short.

Russia On Ice: Sergey Helps Cavs Blast Pistons

The Cavs pulled ahead of the Pistons at the end of the game thanks to the efforts of a few somewhat unlikely catalysts.

Final score: Nuggets devour Cavs, 98-91

'Twas a sad, sad day in Cavalier-land. In a role-reversal for the ages the Nuggets ordered the Cavs and devoured them with the voracious appetite of a thousand starving children with no regard for their own health.

Kyrie's Summer Lovin'