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Sings Meghan Trainor in the shower. Eats pizza in bed.

Roundtable: Checking on the Cavs after the trade deadline

How did the Cavs do, and where do they go from here?

The Cavaliers’ Alec Burks trade is a trade about more trades

Potential trade targets for Alec Burks’ salary.

5 Cavaliers storylines to watch this season

Kevin Love’s new leading role, a youth movement and more.

Stock Watch: Cavs defeat Warriors 91-70

The rivalry (lol) marches on (it’s summer)

What to watch for: Cavs take on the Warriors in Las Vegas Summer League action

The Cavs look to improve to 3-0 in the desert

Summer League Stock Report: Cavs defeat Rockets 95-90

Who shined in the Cavs victory over the Rockets?

What to watch for: Cavs face the Rockets in NBA Summer League Action

What to pay attention to in Cavs/Rockets

Summer League Stock Report: Cavs trample Bucks 82-53

Reviewing reviewing the Summer Cavs after their first game.

3 things we learned from Celtics-Cavs game 3

The Cavs didn’t play that hard and lost as a result.

Cavs falls 106-101 vs. Pistons for third straight loss

J.R. Smith’s return did not go as planned.