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Sings Meghan Trainor in the shower. Eats pizza in bed.

Power Rankings: Counting down the final month

The Cavs remain on top, but how will the rest of the East play out?

Instant trade analysis: How does Kyle Korver fit with the Cleveland Cavaliers?

With J.R. Smith out until April, the Cavs pick up a needed shooter

NBA preview: Breaking down the Central division, and the importance of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Everything you need to know about the Cavs, Pistons, Pacers and more

Cavs sign Tyronn Lue to five-year, $35 million extension

Tyronn Lue will be on the Cavs’ bench for the foreseeable future and be well paid for his efforts.

So this is what vindication feels like?

The Cavs won a title, and we don’t have to argue anymore

Nate Thurmond passes away at age 74

The legendary center was part of the Miracle of Richfield Cavaliers team

Cavs to sign 'Birdman' Anderaen to minimum deal

The Cavs shore up their big man rotation with the 38 year old center.

Cavs trade Sasha Kaun to the Sixers

The Cavs are clearing money from the bottom of the roster.

Cavs defeat Celtics in tournament play 98-94

The Cavs win their first round tournament matchup, take on the Lakers Thursday.

NBA Summer League: Cavs vs. Celtics:

The Cavaliers look to add a very impressive and totally serious Summer League playoff win against the Boston Celtics