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Basketball Analysis

The bench steps up in first week of Cavs action

Matthew Dellavedova, Richard Jefferson and Tristan Thompson are off to a fast start

Kevin Love is starting to look very comfortable

Inside Kevin Love's recent hot streak, and ruminations on whether it can continue.

Evaluating what Dion Waiters was and will be

Dion Waiters, the presumed starting guard of the new look Cleveland Cavaliers, is set for a make it or break it year.

Tristan Thompson's new role

Thompson has become accustomed to starting at power forward. Now, he will have to adopt a new role.

Some potential lineups for David Blatt to utilize

The coach heralded as an "offensive genius" has been equipped with some of the best and most versatile players in the game. This is going to be fun.

Why was Kyrie's catch-and-shoot percentage so low?

Ever since the Cavs signed LeBron James, questions about whether or not Kyrie Irving can play off the ball have been swirling. Irving wasn't great last year when asked to catch-and-shoot. Why was that the case?

LeBron could really help Anthony Bennett improve

A player like LeBron James makes everyone around him better. Specifically, though, he could save Anthony Bennett's career.

How will Wiggins fit with Kyrie and Dion?

Is Wiggins a small forward, or a shooting guard? And what does that mean for the Cavs' current backcourt?

Can Anthony Bennett still help the Cavs?

Anthony Bennett had a horrible year last year. Can he turn it around?

Are Dion Waiters and Bradley Beal that different?

So far, the 2011 drafts' #3 and #4 picks have taken different paths to the same result.

Does anyone even want the East's 8th seed?

Everyone is losing, but someone has to make the playoffs right?

Are Tyler Zeller and Dion Waiters progressing?

Tyler Zeller and Dion Waiters appear to be making strides in their second seasons.

Ryan went to Sloan and learned things: Part I

Ryan Mourton went to SSAC and was typically annoying, but he's got info for you!

Has the Andrew Bynum Experiment Failed?

So, um, Andrew Bynum isn't very good at the moment. What's going on with him, and what should the Cavaliers do with him?

The Cavs' unsung studs

The Cavaliers have been up and down this season. But who are the unsung heroes of this Cavaliers' season? Check it out.

Dion Waiters: spot-up shooting threat

In the second piece of the day, we discuss how Dion Waiters has become a very real spot-up shooting threat when he actually decides to spot up.

Why is Dion Waiters so bad at the rim?

In the first piece about Dion Waiters today, we explore why he is so bad at finishing near the rim.

The Cavaliers' Offense, and the 2-3 Set From Hell

The Cavaliers offense has been a problem this season, but there is one specific set that has been driving me crazy: the 2-3 low pick-and-roll.

Andrew Bynum belongs in the starting lineup

Andrew Bynum made his first start for the Cavaliers on Monday night against the Bulls. It looks like that will be his spot in the lineup going forward as well.

What do the Cavs do with Anthony Bennett?

Anthony Bennett was the #1 pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. Through 4 games, he is yet to make a basket. What should the Cavs do about it?

Is Anthony Bennett taking too many threes?

The Cavaliers drafted Anthony Bennett for his unique skill set, but how many three-pointers is too many?

How does Kyrie compare to Derrick Rose?

Kyrie Irving and Derrick Rose are two of the best young point guards in the game. How do they compare when the numbers are put up against one another.

Cavs breakdown: How Andrew Bynum can dominate

Andrew Bynum is a great post player, but it's a different aspect of his game that makes him so good.

Breaking down the Cavs' poor pick and roll defense

The Cavaliers attempted to implement an ICE pick-and-roll defense midway through the season to bad results. Here is and explanation of how ICE-ing the pick-and-roll works, and then how the Cavaliers failed at it.

Analyzing the Earl Clark deal

The Cleveland Cavaliers finally made a move that we all expected them to make. Earl Clark agreed to a deal with Cleveland, but what does he bring to the team?

Analyzing the Jarrett Jack deal

The Cavaliers have made their first big splash in free agency. Here's some initial evaluation of what the deal with Jarrett Jack.

Nerlens Noel and Why Rim Protection Matters

Why does protecting the rim matter, and what does it mean for the Cavs' first overall pick?

Where Did Mike Brown's Offense Go Wrong?

Rumors have circulated over the last few days that Mike Brown is the favorite to replace Byron Scott as the Cavaliers' head coach. So the question now becomes: where did Mike Brown go wrong as Cavaliers' head coach, and how can he be successful now?

Should the Cavaliers shut down Kyrie?

It was announced on Monday that Kyrie Irving would miss 3 to 4 weeks with a sprained shoulder. What does this mean for the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers' season?

How Jon Leuer changed the Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been a decidedly decent team lately. Much of that is due to the fact that they have an actual NBA bench now. Check out the biggest reasons for the reserve unit's improvement.

Has Kyrie Irving's defense improved?

Kyrie Irving's defense has been called out by reporters, coaches, and fans all season long. Is it really that bad?

NBA Draft: Nerlens Noel is a no-brainer

The Cleveland Cavaliers are headed to the NBA Draft Lottery and there's some debate about who they would pick if they had the first overall pick. That debate is nonsense and should not exist. Here's why.


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