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Fear the Sword community draft talk

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Fear the Sword Community: Mock draft and fan posts

Here's all of the articles from the Fear the Sword mock draft and the very best fan posts from the community as well.

Cavs hosting FREE draft party at the Q

The Cavs have four picks in the NBA Draft on Thursday, so why not watch the draft at Quicken Loans Arena with other Cavs fans?

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Fear the Sword Community Draft Response and Grades

Fear the Sword did a community mock draft. Here's how the fake GMs did.

Fear the Bracket! (Now with prizes!)

Join fellow Cavaliers' fans and compete in the Fear the Sword Bracket Challenge for a chance to win some cool prizes and such.

Fear the Sword Bracket Challenge!

March Madness is here! Compete against the rest of the Fear The Sword writers and readers in this bracket challenge.

Best of Fanposts + Super Bowl open thread

Use this thread to leave your general thoughts about the Super Bowl and read some of the best Fanposts from Fear The Sword.

Fear The Sword Drinking Game

Because, let's face it, you have to be drunk to enjoy the Cavaliers at this point

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Shabazz vs Nerlens