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Cavaliers Offseason 2013

The Cavs are embracing SportsVU technology

Every stadium in the NBA will have a SportsVu camera this year. The Cavaliers already have big plans for what they will do with the data.

Cavs ranked 9th in 'Future Power Rankings'

How bright is Cleveland's future? According to ESPN, it is fairly bright. #Analysis

Report: Anthony Bennett cleared for training camp

The Cleveland Cavaliers' first overall pick can finally play basketball again.

Report: Anderson Varejao cleared for training camp

Anderson Varejao is back!

Tristan wraps up FIBA play with Team Canada

Team Canada and Tristan Thompson were eliminated from the FIBA Americas Tournament by Argentina Sunday. Here is how Thompson performed throughout the tournament.

Boobie Gibson posts heartfelt Instagram message

We'll miss you, Boobie.

The importance of Tyler Zeller

The Cavaliers made several moves during the offseason, but it would be foolish to forget about Tyler Zeller.

Steve Hetzel hired as coach of Canton Charge

The Canton Charge will have a new head coach this season.

Dion Waiters has busy offseason

Cavs guard Dion Waiters is working hard to improve this offseason. Will it pay off?

Tristan's already improved his free throw shooting

Tristan Thompson can kind of shoot free throws now...

Report: Josh Childress to work out for Cavs

Josh Childress, formerly of the Hawks and Suns, will work out for the Cavaliers over the next two weeks.

Tristan Thompson playing more games for Canada

What offseason? Tristan Thompson continues to compete throughout this summer for Team Canada.

What if....the ping pong balls went the wrong way?

SB Nation has all of the NBA blogs looking back and asking "What if things had happened differently?" For the Cavs, what if they hadn't been so lucky in the NBA Draft Lottery?

Cavs breakdown: How Andrew Bynum can dominate

Andrew Bynum is a great post player, but it's a different aspect of his game that makes him so good.

Cavs officially sign Bennett, Karasev, Felix

The Cavaliers have finally signed their draft picks to new rookie deals. Anthony Bennett, Sergey Karasev, and Carrick Felix are all officially Cavaliers.

SB Nation ranks top 100 players - of 2017

Where do the young Cavaliers get ranked?

Cavs ranked as #1 "team turnaround"

Will the Cavs be a lot better next year? ESPN apparently thinks so.

Bynum is working hard and is "going to be ready"

The Cavaliers made a gamble by signing Andrew Bynum. At this point in time, we're starting to hear good things about him.

Featured Fanshot

Kyrie Irving has a pretty good crossover

It may be the offseason, but that doesn't mean we can't see Kyrie Irving destroy people with really nasty crossovers. (h/t BallIsLife)

ESPN predicts Cavs to make playoffs

ESPN is making their summer predictions and I'm sure you're interested to see what they think of the Cavaliers.

Why I became (and stayed) a Cavs fan.

Most people know me at Fear the Sword but there's some who may not know exactly why I became a Cavs fan and what it is that made me fall in love with a city I've never been to. This is the story of why I am a Cavs fan.

Tristan's progress evident in Canadian debut

Tristan Thompson is playing international ball. How's he looking?

Cavs ranked 4th in under-25 talent

We all know ESPN loves their rankings. Here's how they feel the Cavs stack up in terms of young talent.

Tristan takes the lead for Team Canada

Canada faces Jamaica in the annual Jack Donohue classic as a precursor to the Americas Tournament in Venezuela. Here's what Tristan Thompson had to say about the state of Canadian Basketball and his role in the program

The time I beat Dion Waiters at bowling.

A recap of Dion Waiters' charity bowling event in Cleveland...

Deep in the Q: Revitalizing the fan experience

The Q was a magical place when LeBron was here, and the magic is coming back.

Highlights of the Cavs 2013-14 schedule

Sure the 2013-14 season doesn't tip off until October but that shouldn't stop us from being able to classify games as a must-watch in August.

Cavs to play at least 9 national TV games

The Cleveland Cavaliers will be on national television a lot more than they've been in the past...

Cavs to host Brooklyn Nets in 2013-14 opener

The schedules for the 2013-14 NBA season were released today. Check out when the Cavaliers will be playing against each team!

Jarrett Jack: Elite Midrange Weapon

I've been fairly outspoken against the Jarrett Jack signing, but it has nothing to do with what he can do on the court. Here is a breakdown of possibly the biggest weapon he can bring the Cavaliers: his midrange efficiency.

Who should the Cavs open against next season?

The schedules for the 2013-14 NBA season will be announced on Tuesday. Who do you think the Cavs should play in their opener?

Source: Kyrie better than random ballers

Good news, Cavs fans....Kyrie hasn't forgotten how to shoot or dribble since the Team USA scrimmage. Check out Irving and Nate Robinson going back and forth in a random offseason pickup game.


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