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Cleveland Cavaliers Playbook

“Double Away to Step” brings out the best in Clarkson

Clarkson may be asked to carry the offense with LeBron sits and this play will help him do so.

Cavaliers playbook: How Dwyane Wade beat the Bulls and leads bench units

The Cavs guard attacked his former team almost exclusively from the middle of the foor.

Cleveland Cavaliers playbook: Cleveland’s new plays exploit opposing centers

Tyronn Lue has inserted two new sets into the offense that use Kevin Love’s shooting ability against opponents.

Cavs playbook: J.R. was at his best against the Grizzlies

When he plays like this, the Cavs are at their best.

Cavs playbook: How Cedi Osman made an impact with hustle

His play against the Hawks wasn’t perfect, but the effort is there.

Cavs playbook: The benefits of LeBron trying on defense

Breaking news: It helps!

Cleveland Cavaliers playbook: The malleable Kevin Love

Against Joel Embiid, the Cavs used their star power forward in a different way.

Cleveland Cavaliers playbook: How Kevin Love bullied the Pistons

The Pistons were hesitant to have Andre Drummond defend him, and Love made them pay.

How the Cavs used Jeff Green against the Hornets

By not asking him to do so much, the Cavs are getting more from him.

How a Jae Crowder screen freed LeBron James in crunch time

Crowder help a create the one mismatch Dallas wanted to avoid at all costs.

How two rebounding gaffes cost the Cavs in Houston

Late in the game, back-to-back offensive rebounds ended any chanes of a Cleveland comeback.

How help defense fueled the Cavs’ offense

One Kevin Love block lead to a J.R. Smith three.

The Cavs are getting Kyle Korver open with screens again

As the team adjusts to new personnel, Cleveland turned to familiar action to get Korver open.