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The Wilting of a Rose


We look at how Derrick Rose's career has gone from the youngest MVP ever with the Bulls to signing a veteran minimum deal with the Cavs, and what can Rose bring to the Cavs in 2017/18.

25 NBA Finals Predictions for Cavs vs. Warriors: The Three-quel


The rubber match between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors begins Thursday, June 1 at 6 PST on ABC. Here are 25 predictions for what to expect from the Three-Match. 1. Klay will break out and have 2 games hitting at least 7 three’s. 2. LeBron James will, once again, be the overall stats leader for the series (PPG, MPG, RPG, APG, SPG) and average just shy of a triple double, but… 3. Stephen Curry will win Finals MVP.

Jeopardy contestant trolls Warriors


Contestant uses final wager on back to back days to take stabs at the Warriors' finish to the 2016 NBA finals.

Backup PG candidates


Who should the Cavs go after? FA or Trade? "CLEVELAND CAVALIERS – Current Record (27-8) / Since Last Time (8-2) Resolution: Get a viable backup Point Guard The Cavaliers are sitting pretty atop the East and should cruise into yet another playoff (and finals) series. However one could argue that whilst the Big 3 are as good as they have ever been as a combo, the complimentary pieces are not quite as good as years past. Injuries strike (Liggins has stepped up for JR) and veterans fade (can R-Jeff keep it up & will Dunleavy join him?) putting pressure on your depth. But PG depth is already a concern and the Cavs need to work a trade or strike FA gold to sure up their second unit. Speaking of trades, Kyle Korver is now a member of the Cavs. Not a back-up point, but he’ll do."

Cavs Off Season - The Four Point Play's take


Hi All, Keen to get Cavs fans thoughts on how your off season has gone? Cheers!