LeBron James is skinny


LeBron James has lost some weight this summer. Think it means he plans on trying to maintain his ability to guard players on the wing?

Kyrie Irving signals he is re-signing with Cleveland


Kyrie Irving plans on being in Cleveland for the long haul.

must read for fans of delonte west


excellent article about one of the NBA's most interesting and entertaining personalities and one of my favorite players when he was on the cavs. piece details how struggles with depression and mental illness, and how the portrayal and perception of those struggles contributed to the untimely demise of his career. enjoy

Sorry, Bill


Bill Simmons has a sad. Dion just wants to dance.

Happy Birthday Kyrie!


Kyrie turned 22

Dion Waiters turns 22


Dion Waiters turns 22 today. And that, of course, means that he is fully formed as a player. We must now make judgements on what he will be for the rest of his career. Happy birthday, Dion!