Tristan Thompson Up for Award


I didn't see this get posted but here's Tristan being an awesome off the court.

McKnight Embarrassed again


First Kyrie embarrasses him in the rising star game and now DeAndre Jordan. Just let him dunk young blood.

Portraits from the All-Star Game


Player portraits from ASG weekend. Some good pics of our guys. Dion's t-shirt is rad.

Amir Johnson gives praise to Tristan Thompson


"He’s become a very good athlete,"said Johnson of Thompson. "His post moves are getting better. I think the sky’s the limit for that kid."

The return of Shaun Livingston


Grantland has a nice article about Shaun Livingston's return from the gruesome knee injury he suffered with the Clippers a few years ago and where his career has gone from there. Not only is he helping the Cavs this year but it's nice to see him having success after almost losing his career like that.

Radio Show slams the City of Cleveland


These guys spent the first 10 minutes hating on the City of Cleveland. Give it a listen search shows<sports syndicate

Help keep the Kings in Sacramento


Moderators, if you deem this inappropriate, please delete and I will appologize. As you may know, Sacramento's cheap owners, the Maloofs, have been trying to relocate the Kings. Now, they have found some buyers from Seattle. This may not interest you much. You have an awesome owner in Gilbert (yes, I loved the comic sans letter). Or it may, because you know what happened to the Browns. Either way, I hope you'll click on the link, read the article and the reactions and see how fans from a small marlet city fight to keep their team. And perhaps you'll consider to spread the word or make a small donation.

The Case to Keep Andy


Want to trade Anderson Varejao? Read this.