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Fear My Opinion

The joy and emptiness of this year’s playoffs as a Cavs fan

Basketball continues on, and it’s both great and meaningless

What does it take to trade for a superstar?

If the Timberwolves are going to send Kevin Love to the Cavs, they want to get Andrew Wiggins in return. If they pull that off, it would be an unprecedented haul.

Thoughts on appreciating the second LeBron era

The return of LeBron James reopens the Cavaliers' window to win a championship. But that window won't stay open forever.

Joel Embiid scares the crap out of me

The Cavaliers have the first pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. Joel Embiid might be the best prospect, but he's also the scariest.

Cavs now have to build the team we deserve

Dan Gilbert and David Griffin are out of excuses. It's time for them to deliver the team they've promised. Fans deserve nothing less.

New Cavs GM Griffin has blank check, clean slate

With Dan Gilbert's infinite pockets, and no long term deals, anything is in play for this offseason.

The defining moment of the 2013-14 Cavs season

What was the defining moment of the 2013-14 Cavs season? How will you remember this year?

A Canadian vacations in Cleveland

Last week I was able to travel to Cleveland and attend the games vs. Miami, Oklahoma City and Houston. Here are some thoughts and observations from my trip.

Isiah Thomas, Chauncey Billups for Front Office?

If the Cavaliers hire Isiah Thomas, I will drink a carton of bleach every day until he loses his job or I die.

Are Dion Waiters and Bradley Beal that different?

So far, the 2011 drafts' #3 and #4 picks have taken different paths to the same result.

Waiters, Zeller making most of opportunities

Should the Cavaliers be trying to win basketball games, or should they be trying to develop their young players? It's a false choice.

Share your favorite Big Z moments!

The Cavs will retire Zydrunas Ilgauskas' jersey tonight against the Knicks. Let's remember some of our favorite Big Z moments.

Ryan went to Sloan and learned things: Part I

Ryan Mourton went to SSAC and was typically annoying, but he's got info for you!

Craig Ehlo - 19th best Cavalier

#CavsRank makes it debut at Fear the Sword. Check it out.

Dan, please stay away from Joe Dumars

Dan don't do this. Please. Please do not. Dan. Dan Please. Dan? DAN!

What does Grant's departure mean for Mike Brown?

The Cavs have fired their general managers. Could their head coach be next?

Where does Kyrie deserve criticism?

Kyrie Irving had sky-high expectations coming into his third full NBA season. He hasn't quite lived up to them. What criticisms are fair? Which ones aren't?

Delonte West and mental illness in sports

"I had some experience in dealing with people who have mental illness and depression, but I didn't see the signs in myself. I couldn't ask for help because I didn't know I needed help." - Clara Hughes

Cavs starting to put it together?

The Cavs have been significantly better since trading for Luol Deng. Can they keep it up?

It's time to send Bennett to the D-League

It's time to stop avoiding reality and do what should have been done at the start of the season. It's time to send Anthony Bennett to the D-League.

How to root for a mediocre basketball team

We haven't seen a Cavaliers team like this one in a very long time. So what exactly are we looking at?

Cavs vs. Heat: Fine, let's talk about LeBron

It's Cavs vs. Heat, but let's talk about LeBron.

Could the Cavs try to acquire Luol Deng?

Derrick Rose is out for the season. Again. That means the Chicago Bulls might look to blow things up. Should the Cavs get involved?

Where the heck is the effort?

Mike Brown says it. Kyrie says it. Tristan Says it. They all talk about it, but the Cavaliers have yet to put forth a consistent effort this season.

Andrew Bynum belongs in the starting lineup

Andrew Bynum made his first start for the Cavaliers on Monday night against the Bulls. It looks like that will be his spot in the lineup going forward as well.

Monday Musings: Anthony Bennett and chilling out

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had an up-and-down start to the 2013-2014 NBA season. Here's why everyone should consider chilling out a bit over that.

Fear The Sword Mailbag #2!

This week's mailbag features questions about whether the Cavs have made the right decisions over the past three drafts, the Marcin Gortat trade, Anthony Bennett nicknames, and accidentally making out with an underage girl. Let's begin!

Why I choose to be optimistic about the Cavs

I've been accused of being a homer. That's probably not inaccurate, but let me explain why I tend to be optimistic about my favorite basketball team.

Deep in the Q: Revitalizing the fan experience

The Q was a magical place when LeBron was here, and the magic is coming back.

Highlights of the Cavs 2013-14 schedule

Sure the 2013-14 season doesn't tip off until October but that shouldn't stop us from being able to classify games as a must-watch in August.

Should the Cavs be doing more in free agency?

NBA Free Agency has been happening for two whole days and we have nothing but a bunch of vague rumors for the Cavaliers. Should they be doing more?

NBA Draft 2013: How we got here

The 2012-13 Cleveland Cavaliers were a disaster. Before we get all excited for the draft tonight, let's take a look back at the season that was.


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