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Fear The Podcast

Team Preview podcast home

Missed one of Fear the Sword's team preview podcasts? Listen here.

FTS Pod: Toronto Raptors team preview

We talk about the Toronto Raptors with John Gaudes of Raptors HQ.

FTS Pod: Milwaukee Bucks team preview

Fear the Sword talks to Eric Buenning of Brew Hoop about the Milwaukee Bucks.

FTS Podcast: Indiana Pacers team preview

In another Fear the Podcast team preview, we talk to Ian Levy about the Indiana Pacers.

FTS Podcast: Detroit Pistons team preview

FTS Podcast: Chicago Bulls team preview

We preview the Chicago Bulls with Caleb Nordgren of Hardwood Paroxysm and Bulls By The Horns.

Fear The Podcast: Episode 27

Justin, Ryan & Chris talk all things Cavs summer.

Fear The Sword Podcast Ep 24 - No Bull

Some of FTS' finest talk all things Cavaliers.

Fear the Podcast: Episode 19 - Love Puns

Superteam? Cleveland? Cleveland Superteam!?! Let's discuss!

Fear the Podcast - LeBronapocalypse

LeBron is coming home and the Fear The Sword podcast crew has things to say about it!

Fear The Podcast -- Preseason Version!

Several of the Fear the Sword writers discuss the Cleveland Cavaliers' first preseason game against the Milwaukee Bucks and attempt to draw conclusions from an insanely small sample size. Fear the podcast!

Fear the Podcast: Episode 10

The FTS gang covers everything Cavs related from the last couple of weeks.

Fear the Podcast: We won the lottery!

Let's just say that you don't want to challenge the Cavs organization to a game of ping pong. The FTS crew discusses (celebrates) Cleveland's recent lottery luck.

Fear The Podcast: Byron Scott Edition

Should Byron Scott be fired? Will Kyrie grow into a leadership role? How many points has Boobie Gibson scored in his career? Listen to the latest pod for the answers to these questions and more! Fear the Podcast!

Fear the Podcast! Episode 4

Fake trades, arguments, and a new game titled "The Mark Price is RIght" make up the bulk of this episode. Fear the Podcast!

Fear The Podcast: Episode 03

We're talking about injuries and Lebron! What could possibly go wrong?

Fear the Podcast! Episode 2

The Fear the Sword gang gets together to talk all things Kyrie, Tristan, Dion, and Cavs in the latest episode of the new weekly podcast.

Fear The Podcast!

The Fear The Sword team drops its debut album, err, podcast. Check it out for musings on Kyrie, the All Star Game, and Dion Waiters!

Cavs Season Preview Podcast

Fear The Sword previews the upcoming NBA season with their Cleveland Cavaliers podcast.

Cleveland Cavaliers Video Predictions

Because SBNation is super dope, we've branched out beyond just putting words on your screen. Now, you get to see our ugly faces on the screen as well. I talked to Seth Pollack about the Cavaliers' upcoming season.

NBA Draft: Fear The Sword Podcast

NBA Draft: Fear The Sword Podcast #Cavs #NBADraft

Fear The Sword Podcast: Episode 1

Fear The Sword Podcast: Episode 1 (Featuring @CardboardGerald) #Cavs #NBA #NBADraft