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Fear the Poetry

Chris Grant: A Poetic Farewell

Gather around boys and girls as we say goodbye to the man behind the last three years in the best way we know, overly-dramatic, sappy poetry written at a fourth grade level.

Real G's Move in Silence Like Desagana

As it turns out, the storybook homecoming of Desagana Diop wasn't meant to be. That doesn't mean that we can't gather around and memorialize his second stint with the Cavaliers in poem, though.

Poems for the departed

The Cavaliers have said goodbye to several dear friends this summer. Let's remember them with poems.

Au Revoir Omri: A Reflection in Haiku

Omri Casspi is gone. A poem to honor his departure from the Cavaliers.

Goodbye, Byron: A Poem

Byron Scott spent three tough seasons with the Cavaliers. Today, we honor him with a goodbye poem.

Old Tristan is Dead, Long Live the New Tristan

A poem honoring the arrival of the new Tristan Thompson. And saying farewell to the terrible one.