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Locked on Cavs

Podcast: Patrick McCaw and the two more losses

Zone defense is a problem.

Podcast: On two-way players and Bol Bol

Would selecting a big in the lottery make sense?

Podcast: The good and the bad from the Cavs’ loss in Charlotte

Plus, Larry Nance Jr. is a good passer.

Podcast: On Tristan Thompson’s injury and standout season

Today’s show is all about the Cavs’ best player this season.

Podcast: What team building model should the Cavs follow?

Plus, a look at how the Cavs beat down the Wizards.

Podcast: Matthew Dellavedova is coming back to Cleveland

Plus, a look at the Cavs’ loss to the Kings.

Podcast: How has George Hill’s return impacted Collin Sexton?

Plus, a recap of Cavs-Warriors.

Podcast: The latest on Kevin Love and a Cavs-Warriors preview

With Love returning in mid-January, what does that mean for the Cavs.

Podcast: The Cavs trade Kyle Korver

Plus, a look at David Nwaba.

Podcast: Previewing LeBron James’ return to Cleveland

Locked on Lakers host Anthony Irwin stops by to talk LeBron, the Lakers and more.

Locked on Cavaliers podcast: The archaic Cavs get drubbed by the Pistons 

After some time off, the Cavs got beat up.

Locked on Cavs podcast: Thompson’s resurgence and a Cavs-Pistons preview

Today’s show also checks in on Collin Sexton.

Podcast: Get pumped about Zion Williamson

Plus, mailbag questions answered about the Cavs’ coaching search, Collin Sexton remaining a starter and more.

Podcast: Recapping the Cavs’ loss in D.C. and two-big lineups

Today’s show looks at a tough loss and a lineup type the Cavs have had to rely on.

Podcast: The Cavs’ win over the Hornets was their most fun game of the season

Plus, a look at how good Tristan Thompson has been and a Cavs-Wizards preview.

Podcast: Previewing Cavs-Hornets, Osman’s season so far

The Cavs are down six players against the Hornets.

Podcast: The good and bad from the Bulls game, checking in on Sexton

Today’s show looks back at a tough loss and a rookie point guard finding his way.

Podcast: How the Cavs and Browns’ current situations stack up

It’s a Locked on Browns and Locked on Cavs crossover.

Podcast: On Tyronn Lue getting fired and Kevin Love’s injury

Things aren’t great in Cleveland.

Podcast: The Cavs are already dramatic and 3 things to watch for in Cavs-Nets

The J.R. Smith situation isn’t great.

Podcast: The differences between Collin Sexton and Trae Young 

What did Sunday’s game tell us about two rookie point guards?

Podcast: The Cavs fall to 0-3

It’s not great.

Podcast: Chasing Down a Cavs season preview

So, what exactly will the Cavs be good at?

Podcast: Grading Larry Nance Jr.’s extension

Is this a good deal for both player and team?

Podcast: Will the Cavs actually play with pace this year?

In a post-LeBron world, will the Cavs do something they said they wanted to when LeBron was around?

Podcast: The Cavs drop their first preseason game

Hear from Kyle Korver and Tyronn Lue on today’s show.

Podcast: Mailbag on starting Sexton, the Cavs’ playoff hopes and more

Plus, three things to watch for in Cavs-Celtics on Saturday.

Podcast: What do we want to learn about the Cavs this year?

And how will Tyronn Lue shape the team’s season?

Podcast: An interview with Collin Sexton and a recap of the Cavs’ preseason opener

Learn why Sexton eats Skittles before every game and how he and the rest of the team looks Tuesday night in Boston.

Podcast: What does an extension for Larry Nance Jr. look like?

With the deadline approaching, who does a deal make the most sense for?

Podcast: The Cavs officially sign David Nwaba and Rodney Hood

Are these good deals for the Cavs?

Podcast: One-on-one with former Rockers center Chasity Melvin

The now-retired WNBA vet talks about what it was like to play in the WNBA then, what she’d ask for in labor negotiations and more.