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One play

One play explaiend: The Cavs give Dwyane Wade room to attack

As he transitions to the bench, the Cavs are giving him freedom to work.

Cleveland Cavaliers one play explained: Kevin Love connects with LeBron James

On a night where little went right, a intriguing development was on display.

Cleveland Cavaliers one play explained: LeBron meets Giannis at the rim

LeBron James and Giannis clashed on Saturday night, and LeBron’s block demonstrated where the two players are at.

Derrick Rose attacks on the break, and why that’s a good sign

The Cavs’ new point guard showed the type of play he’ll need to make as the regular season starts.

Cleveland Cavaliers one play explained: Cedi Osman makes an impression

The Cavs rookie had his first NBA highlight on Sunday.

Dwyane Wade’s dunk was telling in more than one way

It made a great highlight, and looked more into the Cavs’ offense.

Kevin Love outlet passes are back

LeBron may not be on the receiving end, but they are still the best thing.