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Roster Analysis

The time for tanking is over

The past few seasons have been particularly rough for the Cavaliers and their fans. But I believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And it's time to start moving towards that light.

What does Alonzo Gee have to do with it?

David and I have pretty different viewpoints on Alonzo Gee and where he fits on the Cavs moving forward. We decided to share our email thread with you guys.

Just Slightly After Mid-Season Grades

The Cleveland Cavaliers had a rough start to the year but Kyrie Irving & co. look to be turning things around.

Cavaliers Draft Picks, Salary Obligations

An easy guide to what the Cavs owe in salary and what future draft picks are coming their way

Analyzing the Cavs-Grizzlies trade

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Memphis Grizzlies made the first major trade of the year. Ultimately, both teams did okay. The Grizz cut salary while the Cavs gained some future assets. Win-win, right?

What players did the Cavs get from Memphis?

The Cavaliers have added Marreese Speights, Wayne Ellington, and Josh Selby. But are they any good?

Who can the Cavs get to replace Varejao?

With Anderson Varejao injured and Samardo Samuels having been released, the Cavaliers have been left pretty thin on the front line. Let's take a look at some of their options.

Free agent review: CJ Miles and Jon Leuer

The Cleveland Cavaliers were very very quiet in free agency last season. But let's see what they did and how they did.

Good night, Sweet Samardo

This one really hurts. On Sunday, the Cavaliers waived PF Samardo Samuels in advance of his contract becoming guaranteed later in the week. For this Fear the Sword writer, this one cuts deep.

Why Shaun Livingston Makes Sense for the Cavs

Shaun Livingston was just signed by the Cavaliers on Christmas Day. Why does he make sense for the Cavs?

Cavs Mailbag! Byron, Andy, draft picks, and more

I asked for questions about the Cleveland Cavaliers about a week ago and now I'm finally answering them. You had some good thoughts, so I did my best to give my insight and opinion. Check it out.

Jeremy Pargo: Actual NBA Player

Jeremy Pargo has been a surprising success since being inserted into the starting lineup due to Kyrie Irving’s injury. How has he succeeded, and what improvements has he made most in his game?

Or To Not Trade Varejao...

So we've got this big hot debate about what the Cavaliers should do with Anderson Varejao. He's playing out of mind right now. Here's why the Cavaliers should NOT trade him.

To Trade Varejao...

Then there's the camp that thinks Anderson Varejao must be traded in order for the Cavaliers rebuild to be successful. I'm in that camp. Conrad's in the other. Today, I spell out why Andy must go.

How To Fix the Cavs' Bench

We all know the Cavs bench is a catastrophe. But why? And how does it get better?

The Cavs Bench is Fatter Than Yo Momma

The Cavs bench is so bad, I could write a 250 page treatise on how bad they are. I could run mathematic regressions showing how bad they are with all sorts of fancy charts and tables. Instead, I'll turn to Yo Momma jokes.

Tyler Zeller to return, C.J. Miles benched

There will be some changes in the Cavaliers bench rotation when Tyler Zeller returns and CJ Miles heads to the bench

Do the Cavs have too much cap space?

The Cavaliers are going to have to be wise with their money, both now, and this summer.